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Apr 13, 2021
Guide to Buying Chemical Storage Tanks

This kind of storage consists of quality acid containers to hold and categorise a variety of chemical compounds.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to purchase the right chemical and industrial storage tank from quality storage tank manufacturers.

The following guide should help you manage the complexity in the buying process:

1.     Understand your storage tank objective

Before you go off looking and buying a chemical storage tank, you have to be aware of what product suits your circumstances and requirements. You need to ask yourself these questions to ensure a develop a complete understanding of what you need:
-        What is your budget?
-        How much space do you have?
-        Do you have a setting or location equipped to house the chemical storage tank?
-        What is the appearance and design of the tank?

By answering these queries, it will help shape what chemical storage tank you will need. Also, this supports the accuracy out of all the extensive products and services that will be offered, which could be wrong for you.
You also need to ensure that when purchasing chemical or industrial storage tanks, you check if they are suitable for different types of chemicals you are processing. Speaking to a professional at Chemstore regarding certain enquires can help with confirming your objectives.

2.     Know the precautions of chemical with storage tanks and the benefits of FRP

When it comes to storing a range of chemicals, buying the right chemical tank solution is vital to maintaing a protected work and ecological environment, preventing storage system failures and financial loss. Your main priority when buying is to assess the extent, material and range of the tanks depending on their intended function and the chemicals that they are storing.

Preferably, you can utilise fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks (FRP) which are especially durable, robust and lightweight in comparison to other traditional materials.

3.     Types of required and common storage tanks

Once you have identified your storage tank objectives and chemical usage, you can move on to researching the types of tanks that would assist in the manufacturing process. Specifically, fiberglass FRP tank materials at Chemstore. These types comprise of:

Wastewater tank:
wastewater tank is a container for storing sewage passed through by drains and toilets from schools, homes, and businesses which flow into sewer systems, on a non-stop basis. At Chemstore, we stock FRP Underground Emergency Sewage Tanks which can hold underground sewerage overflow tanks up to 780 kilolitres and last up to 50 years.

Agricultural tanks:
An agricultural tank provides effective water storage wherever surface water run-off can be collected for livestock, crop spraying, irrigation and domestic use on rural properties. These excavated storage tanks are readied for well-designed and constructed farm assets and require mininmal maintenance. At Chemstore, we supply FRP Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, an installation one-piece tank that maintains your rain harvesting system while eliminating three weeks’ worth of labour costs when compared to conventional tank installations.

Liquid tanks:
liquid container tank is equipped with a thick protective shell that prevents liquid from escaping and exterior elements from entering. Liquid tanks are designed to maintain pH as well as varying temperature. At Chemstore, we have FRP Industrial Water Tanks, which are cost-effective and superior to standard plastic water storage units.

Seeking advice on buying the right chemical storage tank? Contact the Chemstore Group team and find out what you can do today to create a better storage facility for your chemicals.

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