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Why storing chemicals correctly is important
If history has taught us anything, it’s that chemicals can have disastrous effects when they are not stored or managed properly. From the safety of individuals to long term damage of the eco system, those working with chemicals need to know the importance of correct chemical storage. Continue reading to learn the importance storing chemicals correctly.

Product life
Storing chemicals correctly means that the product is preserved properly. Although many chemicals tend to have a long shelf life, spoiled chemicals can lead to unnecessary environmental waste, decline in potency impacting the quality of the chemical and can lead to manufacturing of unsafe products and huge financial loses. Think about the food at home, chemicals are no different, if you don’t store it correctly it can lead to serious health and safety issues.

Chemicals impose immense risk to the safety of both those who work with them and those around them, the storage of chemicals is equally as important. Often over-looked is the types of direct and indirect dangers that impact people’s health. Exposure to chemicals can lead to short term and long-term health issues, from burns to lifelong breathing issues and other bodily reactions that can be minor or even fatal injuries.  

Although we have rules and regulations in place for how our chemicals are stored, accidents still happen. Often when chemicals enter the environment, contamination occurs. Once chemicals have been exposed to the environment is become very difficult to remove the substance. The most common example of this is soil being contaminated and over time the mixes in with the drinking water of both humans and the flora and fauna.

The importance of correct storage and products
Being aware of the potential hazards of chemicals, ultimately means the absolute optimal prevention is chemical storage. Here are a few reasons why correct storage should be paramount;
  • Prevents spills
  • Avoids spoiling
  • Separates incompatible substances avoiding chemical reactions i.e. fire, explosions, poisonous gases
  • Prevents contamination
  • Prevents toxic exposures
  • Protects individuals
The importance of correct storage lies within human intervention, there are a few important things to consider when storing hazardous substances;
  • Ensure correct signage is displayed
  • Supply personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Facilities are up to code, such as well-designed racking, emergency wash stations, securing chemicals from unauthorised access
  • Cleaning, spill-kits and fire-fighting equipment are readily and easily accessible
  • Personnel are trained in emergency procedures
  • The correct tanks are used for the right substance i.e. some chemicals corrode certain materials
As technology and research on chemical storage improves, the materials used are not only becoming more reliable and durable but also environmentally friendly, companies like Chemstore Group are manufacturing world class fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks with the ecosystem at the forefront of their innovations.

Chemicals don’t have to be dangerous, it is the mis-handling that makes them hazardous, knowing the procedures and benefits of correct storage makes damage minimisation easy and allows both individuals and organisations to dedicate more time to their operations.

Seeking advice on how to correctly store your chemicals? Contact the Chemstore Group team and find out what you can do today to create a better storage facility for your chemicals.

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Why storing chemicals correctly is important

If history has taught us anything, it’s that chemicals can have disastrous effects when they are not stored or managed properly.

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