Chemstore Group supplies a range of fibreglass reinforced plastic chemical storage tanks. These FRP Chemical Storage Tanks laid the foundation on which the company originated on. Over the past 40 years these tanks have proved to be durable, robust and lasting in the presence of the harshest and most corrosive environments.

Our FRP Chemical Storage Tanksare used to store chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminium sulphate, fluorosilicic acid, coagulant and ferric chloride just to name a few. Partnering with world leading resin manufacturers and the worlds most advanced technologies Chemstore selects the most appropriate resin system for the required applications. The advanced corrosion resistance of Chemstore tanks and using the highest developed and most innovative technology to manufacture these tanks our tanks have been tried and proven in the toughest conditions. 

Chemical storage tanks are designed to atmospheric pressures or vacuum and positive pressure as per your requirements. Variances within process design are taken into consideration in the engineering phase and our engineers work with you on your specific requirements. Our tanks can be constructed in many configurations and are designed and constructed to AS2634-1983, BS4994-1987 and ASME RTP-1 – 2011.

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