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FRP Bulk Chemical Tankers

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If you own a chemical tanker for more than 35 years and it gives you top quality service in the harshest of conditions, you cannot ask for much more. That is the idea behind our FRP Bulk Chemical Tankers. They can be used to transport chemicals like sodium hydroxide, ferric chloride, and sodium hypochlorite.

Our staff of professionals is there to help you choose the best corrosion resistant equipment for FRP chemical transport tank applications. Plus, these FRP Tankers can include a polyethylene liner, when needed.

Chemstore's FRP Bulk Tankers are made in a variety of configurations and be custom built for your business. They are also fully compliant with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, Environmental Protection Agency, and all other regulations.

Our engineering and design team will work with you, to ensure you get the perfect FRP structural composite applications for your business.

For more information or a quote on FRP Bulk Chemical Tankers please contact Chemstore Group on 02 6862 4866 or via email – 

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