Our People

Our staff and employees are the heart of the company. All of our people are continually exposed to the finest in personal development and our-people training procedures.


Nelson Pridham

Managing Director
0437 909 507

Jay Kross

Production Manager
0499 635 700
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Sam Pridham

Operations Manager
0437 909 554
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Mario Dela Cuadra

Engineering & Drafting
0437 909 507
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Jerry Pridham

Sales & Marketing Manager
0437 909 585

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Blogs & News

How to Use Chemstore Process Tanks

Oct 09, 2019
Process tanks are multi-use tanks that are equipped to complete a sub-process of a larger overall process. 

The Importance of Local Manufacturing

Oct 09, 2019
Chemstore is a huge believer in the importance of local manufacturing. Local manufacturing is a huge benefit for the community, not only for the local economy but also for the workers in that community.  

Are Chemical Storage Tanks safe?

Oct 08, 2019
When it comes to storing dangerous chemicals, finding the right chemical tank solution is critical to maintaining a safe work environment. Chemical tanks are used to store fluids such as sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminium sulphate, fluorosilicic acid, coagulant and ferric chloride just to name a few.