Chemstore Group has years of experience in the liquid and chemical storage business. In fact, we are considered pioneers in the industry. We have become a driving force in our industry by providing the highest quality manufacturing, supply, and installation of our products. At Chemstore Group, quality is never sacrificed.

Our business was founded upon quality and we maintain the highest standards of quality management and quality control in house. Our quality management is certified IS09001:2008. To achieve ISO 9001 certification, a company must provide top quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations, and this is achieved by checking quality at every stage of the process, before delivery to the customer.

Chemstore operates a full-size quality testing facility that is capable of performing design and construction standards testing for all of our products. Quality Management is continually updated, improved, and maintained, to insure maximum product lifespan and performance.To ensure a complete and uniform QC experience, everyone associated with Chemstore Group is checked and periodically audited through a specially approved vendors process. This includes associates, partners, and suppliers.


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Blogs & News

Guide to Buying Chemical Storage Tanks

Apr 13, 2021
As chemical usage has continuously increased to meet the demands of both individuals and organisations, a chemical storage tank is now not just desirable but has become essential. A chemical storage tank is a major component within chemical and industrial storage solutions. 

Why storing chemicals correctly is important

Feb 12, 2020
If history has taught us anything, it’s that chemicals can have disastrous effects when they are not stored or managed properly.

How to Use Chemstore Process Tanks

Oct 09, 2019
Process tanks are multi-use tanks that are equipped to complete a sub-process of a larger overall process.