Chemstore Group’s fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) structural composites are very friendly to the eco system, and we are confident that our current studies will continue to show just how eco-friendly our products are.

Chemstore places great importance on protecting the eco system and continually strives to make the environment a priority in product development. Our environmentally friendly products are the result of this ongoing process. Natural reinforcement fibres and bio-resins are opening the door to "greener" FRP products in the future, and as research by the industry and fibreglass engineers continues, more and more eco-friendly products will be developed, making FRP composites, the standard for GREEN construction materials.

Chemstore firmly believes that FRP composites are the top choice for eco friendly products that deliver increased service life and sustainability. For example, during the coming years, products like our FRP pressure vesselsand underground storage tanks will be continually improved (unlike metal products). This makes FRP structural composites the best overall choice for the future.


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