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Oct 09, 2019
The Importance of Local Manufacturing
Chemstore is a huge believer in the importance of local manufacturing. Local manufacturing is a huge benefit for the community, not only for the local economy but also for the workers in that community. When we can rely on local and regional suppliers for our goods, we can maintain a high-quality local skill base right in our neighbourhood. It builds and foster the relationships between companies and industries, and it facilitates a spirit of collaboration between companies helps us to provide the people in our city with the goods and services that they deserve.

Creates jobs
When we are able to keep manufacturing in our community, we can create jobs for the people around us. The local workforce can be very powerful, and in depending on the industry, it can keep an entire city employed. Bringing jobs to our community strengthens the local economy, but it can also strengthen the relationship between consumers and producers. Consumers are more likely to frequent businesses where they know the staff, because of their personal connection.
Keeps the industry local
Once we begin to outsource our manufacturing to other countries, we will lose those industries. It may be more expensive to keep manufacturing localized, but it allows a great deal of flexibility when you’re working with particulars of a what customer needs. Because of where we are locally, we think it’s important to build relationships with our customers and know exactly where they are coming from. When you establish that sort of connection with your customers, you are able to provide better products and better service. 

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