FRP-baffle-wall-panelsChemstore makes high strength and lightweight FRP structural composites, likefibreglass reinforced plastic baffle panels for walls. These panels are perfect for flow control underwater applications. Compared to other materials like concrete, wood, or steel baffle systems, our panels offer a much longer service life.

Not only that, our panels will not corrode or rot like standard materials and they are lower in cost. These panels are light so installation is quick and easy. Maintenance is also simple as they can be taken down easily for cleaning and other purposes. You may choose widths of 610 or 305 millimetres, and these sizes make it easy to install new systems or upgrade old ones.

With the help of special made clip angles, baffle mounting to your current columns is simple, and they can be installed on H-Beams or concrete walls. You'll enjoy superior features like limited conductivity, high strength, lightweight, resistance to UV, corrosion, and more. 

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