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FRP Chilled/Hot Water Buffer Tanks

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Do you have FRP chilled water tank or FRP hot water tank applications? You can utilise our hot or chilled water buffer tanks to receive maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to GRP (glass reinforced plastics) technology, our tanks provide not only durability but excellent insulation properties also. Our tanks are currently in place for councils, water authorities, and many types of construction applications. Many clients appreciate our products for their ease of installation.

If you have the need for chilled or heated water commercial applications, our tanks are the best choice for many reasons. They will help you limit problems like boiler or chiller short cycling. Also, many systems need some kind of "buffer" to eliminate problems with heating or chilling water. For example, a buffer can help to eliminate heating loads, extreme cycling, reduced temperature control, and other unforeseen issues, that reduce the service life of your equipment.

All of our tanks can lower your operating costs while increasing overall efficiency. They can be used in a variety of commercial and domestic applications. For example, they work in small operations and large systems that can handle as much as 200,000 litres per unit. No matter what option you choose, you enjoy the benefits of easy installation, durability, and low maintenance.

If your HVAC system is closed loop chilled water or heating, your expansion tank absorbs liquid as it expands and at the same time it limits pressure in the system. With the right tank from Chemstore you can have more fluid available during heating and chilling cycles, without exceeding your pressure limits. This eliminates possible system damage.

When using Expansion Tanks from Chemstore, you receive maximum performance within the smallest amount of space, and this is achieved with the latest in manufacturing and FRP structural composite processes.

For more information or a quote on FRP Chilled/Hot Water Buffer Tanks please contact Chemstore Group on 02 6862 4866 or via email – 


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