Mixing.Agitator-FRP-TanksWhen you need solution or chemical agitation, you need a mixing or agitating tank that can handle the work load.

You can elevate your mixer tank and install a cone shaped bottom to provide maximum drainage. You also may wish to install your tank as a standard cylindrically shaped tank with a flat bottom. Agitators can be set up in several configurations. For example, they can be in the centre, offset, or mounted on the side wall of the tank. Our fibreglass engineers and professionals will help you determine the best configuration for your needs. We can design a baffle system that is integrated for your materials mixing requirements. You can depend on your mixing tank to be a custom solution for your business.

Your new tank roof can contain support struts with mixer mounted to suit the agitator, for maximum efficiency. Chemstore also provides many kinds of industrial rated agitators, made from duplex grade and 316 stainless steel.

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