Besides providing the finest in FRP storage tanks, Chemstore's FRP Odour Control covers are used in many waste water and sewage treatment applications. FRP Odour Covers can be designed and manufactured to suit existing structures or included as part of full treatment system.  Covers can be manufactured in whole sections or in certain sizes to suit specific requirements. Odour Covers may be deigned to incorporate take off points and access where required. With corrosion free technology (through engineered solutions and suitable resin selection) our odour control covers are the most durable in the industry.

If your business deals with sewerage or wastewater applications, you may benefit from special covers designed to control odours. You can use our FRP Odour Control Covers in your existing system or make them a part of your complete treatment systems. We can make them for you in complete sections or in a size that will meet your requirements. If you require access or take off points, our covers are what you need. These covers combine the elements of engineering solutions, corrosion resistant technology, proper resin selection, and maximum durability.

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