/FRP-Process-TanksThere are many uses for our high quality FRP storage tanks and other FRP composite products. Chemstore's process tanks are used for all kinds of food industry products including meat, cheese, wine, milk, and confectionery materials. All tanks meet or exceed the US Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, and applicable food industry regulations set down by the FDA. All tanks are processed to insure that they are totally clean and sterile. We can provide you with FRP pressure vessels and tanks for vacuum applications. We also manufacture elevated, horizontal, and insulated tanks, to your specifications.

Chemstore makes all kinds of fibreglass reinforced plastic or FRP chemical storage tanks. In fact, these products are the cornerstone of our business. For 40 years, our tanks have withstood the test of time in the most corrosive and harshest environments.

With Chemstore's storage tanks, you can store chemicals like ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, aluminium sulphate, sodium hydroxide, and fluorosilicic acid. We have partnered with industry leading resin manufacturers and most advanced technology to give you the best resin system for your business. You can depend on our tanks to be more corrosive resistant than any others, as they have been fully tested in extreme conditions for decades.

If you need chemical storage fibreglass tanks with a specified amount of vacuum or pressure, we can give you exactly what you require. Our fibreglass engineers and industry experts are there to help you meet all of your requirements. We will construct your equipment in a configuration that gives you the most efficiency and least amount of problems. These tanks can be manufactured to meet BS4994-1987, ASME RTP-1 – 2011, and AS2634-1983 standards.

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