FRP-vacuum-tankersChemstore manufactures some of the finest Glass Reinforced Vacuum and Chemical Transport Systems in Australia. They are built with state of the art technology that allows for increased durability and reliability. In fact, for over 40 years, our systems have performed beyond their expectations even in the most corrosive and harshest of industrial environments. When you purchase one of Chemstore's tankers you receive equipment that complies with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code and have been approved by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

We make many types of vacuum tankers for transport in a variety of configurations. Choose from 1000L Demountable capacity all the way to B double combinations with a capacity of 25000L/13500L. Chemstore's transport systems are built to meet your needs and include accessories like track options, walkways, accessories for fittings and valves, and fit outs for pumps. You can discuss your needs with our fibreglass engineers and systems designers to get the perfect resin or corrosion systems for your company.

If you want the ultimate vacuum transport system, you can depend on Chemstore Group to provide you with components that do not rust, decay, or corrode!

Our FRP (fibreglass reinforced plastics) tankers represent the market leading units in the industry today. You may use them to collect and haul dangerous goods such as industrial waste, acids, and other materials.

Our FRP vacuum transport systems can be used as a complete unit with hoses, pumps, tipping features, hydraulic back hatches, and they are built to your specifications.

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