With recent droughts and an increase in the population of major Australian cities, we at Chemstore understand the growing demand for more water. This creates a strong need for water conservation, especially rainwater, our most precious natural resource. Because we are dedicated to preserving and conserving Australia's water, Chemstore Group's Hydrosave division has created a top rated system specifically designed for water retention.

Our Hydrosave system utilizes an underground storage tank made from FRP structural composites. In essence, it is reinforced by filament wound glass fibres. You can buy a tank from us as small as one thousand litres or as large as 270,000 litres. These underground water storage tanks are used to retain water using FRP pressure vessel code BS4994 and AS/NZ 2634. This means that the tanks are strong and stable enough to hold up under constant use. This system is strong enough to meet conditions set by AS/NZS2566 standards for backfill and native soil conditions.

Our design and manufacturing procedures are carefully controlled and inspections are performed at every stage of the manufacturing process. This fully meets ISO 9001:2008. Tank design takes into account years of service expected, and conditions, including temperature, chemicals, and wear and tear.

Hydrosave Benefits:

  • Corrosion and bacteria resistance – thanks to an inner surface that is resin coated and smooth moulded.
  • Huge capacity tanks can be made at our plant (up to 270KL) – there is no need for onsite concrete work.
  • Light and strong – FRP structural composites very strong and also very light in weight. This makes them easy to handle. Your tank is delivered ready to go and install. Once piece design not only saves time but money too.

Please go to www.hydrosave.net.au for more details.

Download Hydrosave's brochure for FRP underground tanks.

For more information or a quote on HydroSave please contact Chemstore Group on 02 6862 4866 or via email –