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FRP Pumping Stations

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HydroSave engineers and manufactures a range of FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) underground pumping stations and pits. Our pumps stations are widely used by water authorities, councils, civil and construction clientele. We deliver high quality packages that consistently out-perform client expectation, and alternate containment designs. Pumps systems can be supplied with any configuration and capacity’s as required, with standard diameters ranging between 600mm right up to 5000mm.

The below table outlines some key benefits of HydroSave FRP Underground Pump Stations over against traditional concrete design:

FRP Concrete
Package Delivery as our complete homogeneous unit-(no assembly required on site) Comes in sections to be joined on site or poured on site; then fitting out will need access to a confined space. This will not be required when installing Chemstore Pump Station.
OH&S Quick installation thus minimum ground opening time. Light weight thus reduction of OH&S risks. Long assembly time thus leaving more scope to OH&S Risk. Heavy Handing thus increases OH&S risk.
Time Quick installation resulting in cost savings. Long assembly time thus high crane and labour costs.
Weight Light weight reduces OH&S risk. Heavy handing increases OH&S risk.
Corrosion Corrosion resistant integral construction. Need to coat inside surface to assist in corrosion resistance. Concrete corrodes due Hydrogen Sulphide Gas (H2S)
Engineered Engineered for maximum strength; allows for ground movement with no structural fatigue. Ground movement can cause cracks and break seals between sections.
Life Expectancy 150 year life expectancy. Often needs to be repaired or refurbished due to early failure from corrosion.
Warranty 75 year warranty. Guarantees with warranties of no more than 5 years.
Maintenance Minimum maintenance, smooth internal walls, stays cleaner longer. Rough walls need more frequent cleaning.
Reinforcement No Metal reinforcement to cause rust and concrete erosion. Metal reinforcement causing corrosion and concrete spalling thus erupting the lining which will require confined space entrance and further costs.
Leakage No leaks, homogeneous sealed unit. External leaking from osmosis through the concrete structure.

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