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FRP Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

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Chemstore Group continues to lead the way in fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks. We provide many kinds of rainwater harvesting and clear water storage tanks to people all over Australia. Our products are made to the highest Australian standards, built to last, and customisable to your exact needs. With over a century of experience developing a range of rain harvesting systems, chemical storage tanks and more, we’ve become Australia’s FRP storage tank experts.

Customise your underground rainwater tank

Do you need an underground water tank that’s unique?Maybe you need a 500 litre tank or perhaps something as large as 290,000 litres? Our team have the expertise to design and manufacture a rain harvesting system to your exact requirements. Our experienced team will investigate your requirements and create a customised underground water tank solution for you.

The benefits of our underground rainwater tank systems

At Chemstore Group, our rainwater tank designs are unique. We manufacture our underground rainwater tanks in one piece, with all the fittings required for your installation. This unique approach means we can have your rain harvesting system installed in as little as a day. When you compare this to the conventional block or concrete tank install, this can save you as much as three weeks in labour costs. A huge saving, especially when you’re getting a superior FRP rainwater tank product from one of Australia’s leading manufacturers.

Contact us today

Chemstore Group are Australia’s number one FRP tank and storage solution manufacturers. When you contract us to design and build your storage systems, you’re hiring Australia’s most experienced team. We believe in a quality first approach, so you’re always going to receive only the best from us. And, because we spend the time to get to know your projects exact requirements, we’ll be creating the perfect storage solution for your needs.

For more information or a quote on FRP Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tanks please contact Chemstore Group on 02 6862 4866 or via email – .

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