Europe and United States have been using composites in building applications for years. For example, they are used in bridges, utility poles, chemical dosing tanks, FRP chilled water tank applications, FRP hot water tank applications, fire water tank applications, buildings, hand rails, and a variety of situations. However, the Australian market have not taken full advantage of composites.

We at Chemstore Group understand the need for materials like FRP structural composites and are there to provide the Australian market with high quality composites that are a viable alternative to steel and timber.

When you create a composite you use two different materials and make them into one stronger material. For example, FRP structural composite glass fibres (the reinforcing phase) are imbedded into another material (the matrix phase). In this way, you receive the incredible strength of one phase combined with the corrosion resistant properties of the other phase. This gives you a material that is superior to base materials like timber or steel.