Structural Composites strives to provide our clients with the kind of high quality materials and products that they need. Through a strict process of quality control (ISO9001:2008 certified) we are proud to give you not only high quality but exceptional customer service.

Safrail is the name of our industrial rated handrail range. It is known for its durability even in the most difficult of surroundings. You will find Safrail in water and sewerage treatment plants, national parks, the mining industry, desalination plants, and a variety of industries with corrosive environments. Safrail systems are designed for ease of installation which provides an easy turnaround for the customer. We can make your handrails to any specification or standard. You will receive your handrail kit with detailed instructions, to make a self-install, simple and easy. However, we also offer expert "on site" installation from trained subcontractors.

If you wish to do a self install, you'll find our installation guides to be informative and simple to follow. However, you also can save time and trouble with a professional installation.

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